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Support - Installer Syntax - MSI

MSI Windows Installer installation syntax:

Default silent install switches:

Install Switches

Please Note: Some MSI installs can be uninstalled using Control Panel, but isn't recorded in:
    but is only recorded in

Install Switches    


If any - shows vendor dependant switches, like e.g.

Commandline switches:
/L Language id
/S Hide initialising box. For silent background use: /S /v/qn
/V switches for MsiExec.exe
/UA <url to InstMsiA.exe>
/UW <url to InstMsiW.exe>
/UM <url to msi package>
/US <url to IsScript.msi>
/UA <url to InstMsiA.exe>

/a [package]

Installs a product on the network
Shortcuts for the application is placed in "all users" instead of the current user profile

/f p,o,e,d,c,a,u,m,s,v

  • a - Forces all files to be reinstalled
  • c - Reinstalls a product when a file is missing or the stored checksum value doesn''t match the calculated value
  • d - Reinstalls a product when a file is missing or a different version of a file is installed
  • e - Reinstalls a product when a file is missing or an equal or older version of a file is installed
  • m - Rewrites all required computer-specific registry entries
  • o - Reinstalls a product when a file is missing or an older version of a file is installed
  • p - Reinstalls a product only when a file is missing
  • u - Rewrites all required user-specific registry entries
  • v - Runs from the source file and re-caches the local product

/i [package]

Installs the specified product

/j u,m [package]

Advertises a product. u is current user; m is all users

/l i,w,e,a,r,u,c,m,p,v,+,![log file]

  • a - Action startups
  • c - Initial User Interface (UI) parameters
  • e - All error messages
  • i - Status messages
  • m - Out-of-memory
  • p - Terminal properties
  • r - Action-specific records
  • u - User requests
  • v - Verbose output
  • w - Non-fatal warnings

/p [patch]

Applies a patch. To patch an installed Administrator image, you should also use the /a switch

/q n,n+,b,b+,b!,r,f

  • b = Basic UI
  • b! = Basic UI w/no Cancel button
  • b+ = Basic UI w/modal dialog box at end
  • b- = Basic UI w/no modal dialog box at end
  • n = No UI
  • n+ = No UI except modal dialog at end
  • r = Reduced UI
  • f = Full UI


Calls system API DLLRegisterServer to register the module

/x [package]

Uninstalls a product


Calls system API DLLRegisterServer to un-register a module
Last updated: 14-10-2017
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