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Download - W2kEventLogReport - Software with a 90 days unlimited trial with all features installed

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Download > Windows 8, 7, XP, 2003
Download W2kEventLogReport-x86.exe 2.521 KB

You should install it on one of your Windows servers in C:\TryWare90Days\W2kEventLogReport
You should schedule a task running C:\TryWare90Days\W2kEventLogReport\W2kEventLogReport.exe each day with C:\TryWare90Days\W2kEventLogReport\Setup.ini set to run Silent:

The task will automatically be created with:
If you have a drive mapped as H: on your own workstation to a share on your install-server at C:\TryWare90Days\W2kEventLogReport, then map the same drive on your install-server and install W2kEventLogReport on the server at H:\, because this will let the UNC-paths on the index-file work both at the server and at the workstation.

When you run  W2kEventLogReport-x86.exe, the following files are temporarely created in the same folder where the installer file is located:


When finished, the installer W2kEventLogReport-x86.exe file leaves these systemfiles, that can be deleted:


When you start W2kEventLogReport.exe using the W2kEventLogMenu.exe the first time, the following files/folders are created:


If any errors is found when using W2kEventLogReport.exe, the following files could be created:


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