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Software with a 90 days unlimited trial with all features

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ALL the licensed Software can be installed with a 90 days unlimited  trial with all features installed
The Licensed Software are sold with a lifetime license and with a 90 days unlimited trial with all features installed.
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 CEO & CIO:  IT-Programmer J. Malmgren
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 Address:  Radhuspladsen 5, 1 th., DK-4200 Slagelse, Denmark. UTC+1

 CVR-Tax: 36148187

 These domains are being moved to www.TryWare90Days.com before 2016:

TryWare90Days specialize in timesaving 100% freeware and Windows Professional Software unknown in the world market, based on 25 years insider knowledge in the IT-Department of Slagelse Municipality, managing 6.000 Windows computers. 

The goal is to produce professional Licensed Software and 100% FreeWare affordable for all. 

IT qualifications starting 1990: 
  • 148 days with 8 hours a day of IT training courses
  • 1.670 hours with 4 hours a day, teaching classes of 20 colleagues about IT programs
  • Several months with 8 hours a day, doing pilot testing of mainframe systems, specially invited on location by the large Danish KMD company, that's among others is servicing all Municipalities in Denmark
  • I can't tell you how many "brick thick" english IT professional manuals I've been studying again and again
  • You can read more about the programming skills in the Software and FreeWare menus
  • Microsoft MVP Award: Windows Server Systems, and Windows Security. Security. To receive the Microsoft MVP Award, MVP nominees undergo a rigorous review process. A panel of the MVP team and Microsoft product groups evaluates each nominee's technical expertise. The panel considers the quality, quantity, and level of impact of the MVP nominee's expertise. 
Programming skills: 
  • AutoIt
  • Advanced Microsoft Basic vbScript
  • Advanced Microsoft Commandline Batch including function call
  • CapaSystems Management System's CapaInstaller vbScript
  • Creating more than a dozen CapaSystems CustomLib function that's not part of CapaLib
  • HTML, JavaScript, PHP
Last updated: 01-04-2015
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