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When making silent roll out packets with your Management System to  many computers in large companies, you need the installer types silent switches, which the vendors often doesn't explain or support.
No matter what Management System you are using, SilentSwitchFinder  automatically analyses and detects which installer type is being used,  and creates basic Microsoft vbScript Install() and UnInstall() functions with the silent switches, and adds a lot of extra options and explanations to the vbScript.

SilentSwitchFinder detects most of the installer files created with AutoIt3, Inno Setup, Installshield, Microsoft MsiExec, Nullsoft NSIS, WinZip and Wise.

If you are using the CapaInstaller Management System, SilentSwitchFinder also creates CapaLib Install()  and UnInstall() functions, and adds a lot of extra options and  explanations, which aren't part of the CapaInstaller Package Creator  vbScript versions, which currently supports InstallShield, MSI and Wise  templates, but not Inno Setup or NullSoft NSIS.

If you are using a Management System with another script type than vbscript, SilentSwitchFinder also adds an option for you to  define, how to let SilentSwitchFinder automatically create Install() and  UnInstall functions compatible with your Management Systems script  type.
  • Detects the undocumented silent installer switches you need to your Management deployment scripts.
  • Detects AutoIt3, Inno Setup, Installshield, Microsoft MsiExec, Nullsoft NSIS, WinZip and Wise installers.
  • Creates the silent installer script functions, no matter what Management System you are using.
  • Creates basic Microsoft vbScript Install() and UnInstall() functions with the silent switches.
  • Creates CapaSystems Install() and UnInstall() functions with the silent switches.


You only need to "Open your default Kit folder", and browse to the installer file, and after only 1 or 2 minutes you are ready to use CTRL+V:

Paste the syntax controlled vbScript lines into your ComputerJob with CTRL+V:

  • The CapaInstaller vbScript lines about MSI, Inno Setup and InstallShield
  • Logfiles when running SilentSwitchFinder
  • The settings ini file you can use to customize the features in SilentSwitchFinder.

SilentSwitchFinder doesn't interact with any programs, services or  files on your computer, so you can use or test it without any problems  at all.

SilentSwitchFinder creates around 170 syntax controlled  vbScript lines, with extra options and explanations in the created  Install() and UnInstall() functions.

The old USSF tool, that isn't supported anymore, only shows  you one simpel switch line, sometimes without all the needed switches.

If SilentSwitchFinder doesn't find the switch lines, a long  explanation is 99% ready to CTRL+V into an email, where you only need to  find the vendor's support email address. And this is also done, even if  the tested installer file is created with another installer program,  than those SilentSwitchFinder are able to find.

Before showing you the email text created by SilentSwitchFinder, you  have an option to examine all the installer switches and a lot of other  installer informations,  collected on TryWareDk.


Here is the alert box about such an example ready to email to the vendor:

The  only thing missing is the email address to the vendors support  department, but if the file properties shows the vendors website name,  you should easily be able to find it.

Here is an example of the text that you can paste with CTRL+V to an email to the vendor:

We are examining one of your installer files: HBCDCustomizer.exe

We need to make a silent deploy on our company's many computers using a vbScriptet Management System, and we have tried with no luck to use all of the well known silent switches like -qn, -s, -silent, /S, /SILENT, and /VERYSILENT.

It doesn't seem like you are using one of the following programs to produce your installer: AutoIt3, Inno Setup, Installshield, Microsoft MSI, Nullsoft (NSIS), WinZip or Wise

We also tried with no luck to run HBCDCustomizer.exe /?, and search your documentation and your website.

So please email us with information about silent deploy switches, including all needed options like e.g. license number and so on, so we can silently deploy install and uninstall for: HBCDCustomizer.exe

FileName: HBCDCustomizer.exe
Productname: HBCDCustomizer
CompanyName: http://www.hiren.info
FileVersion: 3.01
DefaultLangCodepage: 040904B0
FileCreated: 20130912 214944
FileSize: 75.776 bytes

BTW: Maybe support your customers in the future with the needed information about the silent deploy switches!


If you have installed SilentSwitchFinder, you can use it in 2 ways:

#1:  Identify the installer type with SilentSwitchFinder for all your jobs.
      Create a job script, as you are used to do it.
      Delete the Install() and UnInstall() functions, if they are automatically created, and paste the      SilentSwitchFinder functions into your script.
     Test the Install() and UnInstall() functions created by SilentSwitchFinder

#2:  Identify the installer type with SilentSwitchFinder for all your jobs.
      Create a job script, as you are used to do it.
      Test the Install() and UnInstall() functions.
      If errors occurs, check among other things the silent switches created by SilentSwitchFinder
If used combined with the PsPadEditorCapaLib editor, you already have your CapaLib Management  systems vbScript file from the ComputerJob folder (with Kit and Script  subfolders) open in the PsPad Editor, and from the PsPad Editor, you  only need to press CTRL+ALT+F, and SilentSwitchFinder  will automatically search the subfolder Kit for *.exe, *.msi and *.mst  files, and if only finding one installer file (otherwise they are shown  to decide), it automatically search for silent switches, and  automatically creates all the needed vbscript function lines to do the  silent installation.

TryWaredk is using the "PEiDentifier" 100 % freeware feature from another  thirdparty Vendor, but this feature only determines which installer is  being used, but not in all the cases identified by SilentSwitchFinder,  and PEiD doesn't produce any silent switches, or any vbScript lines.
Last updated: 16-04-2019
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